Hockey 2020 FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding this upcoming season:
Will players have access to the regular amount of scheduled ice time?
- Yes they will! Most divisions will receive 3 hours of ice time per week. Junior/Senior Females, U7 (formerly Timbit), and U18 (formerly Midget), will all receive 2 hours of ice time per week.
Will there be games?
- The season will start with just practices. But as we work through the phases, we will be introducing games. While this is a moving target, we are hoping that we will be able to introduce games within the practice groups early in the season, and then house league games, and finally games with other associations.
Can I help my child prepare for their hockey session?
- While players are expected to arrive in full gear, one parent per child may assist young (U7) players or players with special needs, into the rink and help remove skate guards, etc. Parents of young goalies are also permitted into the rink to assist their child with putting on/removing goalie equipment. While it is preferred that goalies arrive and depart in full gear, an exception has been made and goalies may arrive in partial gear. They will be expected to finish dressing/undressing within the allocated 10 minute period.
Will my child have to wear skates (with skate guards) to the rink?
- While we recognize that this may pose an issue as the weather changes, and that we may have to adjust this policy, initially we ask that all players arrive at the rink in skates (with skate guards).
Will my child have to wear a mask? Will parents have to wear masks?
- Yes. All players will have to arrive at the rink and depart wearing masks. They can remove before putting on their hockey helmets. Any parents within the rink will be expected to wear masks at ALL times.
What if the season is interrupted or ends early?
- Hockey Canada has developed a refund policy which will be implemented by our association.