HNL Return to Hockey Phases

We are currently in Phase 2.
The Hockey NL Return to Hockey Phases are designed for associations to return to a safe and healthy way in hockey within their associations while educating all their membership on how the 2020-21 hockey season will look. With updates coming to Version 2 of the Return to Hockey plan the updates to the four phases have been outlined.
Phase 1 – Parent Orientation and Coach Training
Submit the RTH plan and wait for approval from HNL. Begin to educate players, parents, coaches, and volunteers. Open registration.
Phase 2 – Player Orientation
Start on ice activities limited to skills and drills. Progression into 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.
Phase 3 – Games and Practices
2-line hockey can begin within your association. Teams can be made up of 10+1 or 2 depending on the number of goalies in the group.
Phase 4 – Return to Normal
4 weeks after stepping foot on the ice, competition vs other associations within your health region are permitted. This includes 2-line rep hockey within your health region.
* Associations are required to let HNL know when moving to Phase 4. If your association starts later than others in your zone and are already in Phase 4, you must still go through the phases to reach phase 4. No skipping phases at any time. At all times it is important to follow your facility guidelines and practice social distancing. Players must be registered within Hockey NL by February 10th, 2021.