Monday-Friday Schedule (Oct 12 - Oct 18) & Assigned Dressing Areas

Monday-Friday Schedule (Oct 12 - Oct 18) & Assigned Dressing Areas





- The dressing areas are noted at the bottom of each time slot.

- Enter the Annex (Studio) entrance for Dressing Area A.

- Enter the Kinsman entrance for all other dressing areas (B - E).

- For the dressing areas B & F, no more than 6 players and 1 parent or coach are permitted in a dressing room at one day.

- Signage will be posted throughout the stadium to direct players to proper dressing areas and parents to viewing areas.



- Players must bring completed COVID-19 questionnaires for every practice session.  These will be collected upon entering the arena.

- Players will be able to enter the arena 10 minutes prior to scheduled practice, and must leave within 10 minutes of the practice ending.

- Doors will be locked after the start of the practice, so it is important that players arrive on time.

- Players will be required to wear masks arriving at and departing the arena.  The mask can only be removed when exiting the dressing area for practice and must be     put   back on following practice.

- While it is not mandatory, players are encouraged to arrive at the arena fully dressed.

- The female dressing room will be available for females of U15 and older.



- Parents entering the arena must complete the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Log.

- One parent is permitted to assist a child with dressing, as needed.

- One parent per ice surface is permitted in the stadium at this time (to provide assistance or to view the practice).

- Parents must wear masks and social distance.


Please read the arena guidelines for more information and monitor Facebook posts for any changes in these protocols.